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Example 1

An agri-food company wants to develop and market a variety of peas with low sugar content while maintaining a pleasant flavor.
What characteristics should this variety have?
Working data: Evaluation by a jury of the taste criteria of several varieties of peas.

Example 2

In order to optimize its financial operations a company wants to know in advance the evolution of the Australian dollar AUD versus the New Zealand dollar NZD.
What is the 3-day trend for AUD/NZD?
Working data: quotation history of currency pairs on the exchange market.


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Presentation is a forecasting software.
Supervised machine learning techniques with neural networks and genetic selection algorithms are implemented.
It is easy to use and lets the user focus on objectives and data. can be used to produce forward forecasts from multivariate time series. can also be used from multivariate data collections such as a questionnaire to select or determine a profile or to know the impact of certain factors (attributes). simultaneously produces two independent forecasts.
Learning and forecasting are done in recursive steps.

no coding, just convert your csv files

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Deep learning available to everybody with his/her browser (Chrome, Firefox or Chromium based) from Desktop, Mobile or Tablet devices.

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Business and education can explore the frontiers of hidden relationships between numerous criteriums.

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